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Technology Market Analysis Group (TMAG) 


TMAG (the Information Technology Market Analysis Group) is an industry consortium of market intelligence (MI) personnel from IT hardware, software, and related services companies. Founded by IPR in 1990 to aid researchers in their efforts to use market information effectively and to promote industry market research standards, TMAG has grown to include nearly 300 representatives from over 40 companies. Through forums and group discussions, each of the group's twice-yearly meetings is designed to help TMAG members become more informed about current market information sources and research methodologies. The mission of TMAG is to: 

  • Facilitate the identification and exchange of best practices in the field of MI within the IT industry;
  • Improve the quality, timeliness, availability, cost-effectiveness, content, and consistency of market research in the IT industry; and
  • Influence the methodologies, products, packaging, and direction of research efforts by market research suppliers.


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Regional PC Consortiums (AMSC, LAMSC, EMS, APMSC)


The regional PC Consortiums provide participating members with the most accurate, reliable, and cost-effective PC market statistics available. These programs currently track shipments of desktops and portables (business-marketed, home-marketed and personal workstations) as well as servers by microprocessor technology. Further benefits of membership include:

  • Consistent and reliable information about market size and growth that allows participants to measure their own company's performance.
  • A three-year consensus forecast that provides detailed views on market growth and trends by form factor and technology.
  • A comprehensive data security plan with measures designed to avoid any possibility of individual participant data disclosure.
  • Semi-annual meetings that feature prominent speakers on upcoming PC trends and emergent technologies that can shape our future.

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